About us

We founded Pura Vida Vans in 2016 from a passion for the outdoors, camping and vanlife.  We started with a team of 2 building a van we were going to rent out.  Since then we have  grown to a team of 9 very talented, experienced and passionate people, each bringing extensive knowledge to Pura Vida Vans.  With the growth of Pura Vida Vans we have added to the services we perform in house, such as aluminum and cabinet fabrication.  We are truly a one stop shop for your van conversion project.

Our custom vans are built to suit your ”AdVanture” lifestyle; with garages for your gear, off grid energy systems, custom cabinets, aluminum roof racks, aluminum shower stalls, all built in house by our skilled team.  Providing exceptional quality, innovation, customer service, and knowledge is what we strive for, we believe this to be the “Pura Vida” way.

Our Team


Originally from Vernon BC, I moved to Squamish and started working at Pura vida Vans in may 2022, I spend most of my spare time outside; skateboarding, skiing or exploring with my pals.


My name is Petra and I’ve been working at Pura Vida Vans for almost three years . When I’m not working I enjoy skiing, skateboarding, adventuring with friends and drinking beer.


Hi! I am Nicole. I am a Van Technician that specializes mainly in installations of windows, heaters, etc. I also dabble in many other shenanigans in building vans. In my spare time I am an avid mountain biker, lover of all things outdoors anda good adventure time.


I’m the Cabinet Builder at Pura Vida Vans, with my background as a Red Seal Carpenter it gives us the ability to do some cool builds! When I’m not at work, you will find me outside. Skiing, Biking, Climbing, and Mountaineering, Squamish has it all!


I’ve been in Squamish for almost 4 years now, working at Pura Vida for most of that time! In my free time I’m often out skiing, skateboarding or exploring the backcountry in my truck.


I’m Matt, the Operations Manager here at Pura Vida. When I’m not building vans, I’m outside climbing, hiking and skiing. Originally from the UK, I moved to Canada to spend a winter season skiing, 5 years later I am still here making the most of what BC has to offer.


My experience working onboard expedition yachts on the coast of BC lends itself greatly to working on our vans, and as such I do a little bit of everything here at the Pura Vida workshop! Electrical, carpentry, plumbing, and installs, you name it. Outside of work I struggle to balance my time between many different outdoor hobbies; climbing, highlining, skiing, backpacking and trail running to name a few.


I and my wife founded Pura Vida in 2016, we have a passion for camping, the outdoors and travel which led us to Vanlife.  My background in construction management and the automotive industry prior to that lend themselves well to van building. When I am not at the shop I make use of the wonderful nature that surrounds Squamish, whether it be skiing, hiking, camping, trail running or biking.