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Midnight Run

Make and Model

Ford Transit

Wheel Base

148 Ext

Roof Height





Custom 2023 Transit Ford AWD Van Build

Midnight Run a custom build on a Ford Transit 148 EXT AWD platform.  Some of the features of Midnight Run are listed below:

  • Yukon aluminum roof rack with 50 inch Nightrider light bar
  • MOAB brush guard
  • 2×200 watt solar panels from Canadian Energy
  • Vothium 300 amp hour lithium battery  bank
  • Xantrex charger/inverter
  • Front roof vent and rear skylight
  • Custom cedar ceiling
  • Custom cabinetry – bamboo counters
  • Composting toilet
  • Planar Expedition plus heating and hot water system – gasoline
  • Large garage area – pull out bike tray
  • Lonseal flooring in living area and coin flooring in garage area
  • Custom tilt up bed

Midnight Run: The Ultimate Custom Adventure Van

Midnight Run is an expertly crafted custom van built on the reliable Ford Transit 148 EXT AWD platform. Designed for those who crave adventure without sacrificing comfort, this van is packed with premium features that make it the perfect companion for any journey. Whether you’re exploring remote landscapes or embarking on a weekend getaway, Midnight Run offers everything you need to travel in style and convenience.

Exterior Features:

Midnight Run is equipped with a Yukon Aluminum Roof Rack, providing ample storage space and durability. The roof rack includes a powerful 50-inch Nightrider light bar, ensuring excellent visibility during nighttime travels and outdoor activities. This lighting feature is perfect for illuminating your campsite or navigating dark trails.

The MOAB Brush Guard offers robust protection for the van’s front end, safeguarding it from debris and minor collisions. This brush guard enhances the van’s rugged appearance while providing practical defense against the elements.

Power and Energy:

Midnight Run boasts a highly efficient energy system to keep you powered up wherever you go. The van is equipped with 2×200 Watt Solar Panels from Canadian Energy, providing a sustainable and reliable source of power. These solar panels ensure that your battery bank remains charged, allowing you to stay off-grid for extended periods.

The van features a Vothium 300 Amp Hour Lithium Battery Bank, which stores ample energy to power all your devices and appliances. Complementing this is the Xantrex Charger/Inverter, which efficiently converts and manages the energy, ensuring you have consistent and reliable power for all your needs.

Interior Features:

The interior of Midnight Run is designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. The Custom Cedar Ceiling adds a touch of natural elegance, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Cedar is also known for its aromatic properties and resistance to moisture, making it a practical choice for a mobile living space.

The van includes a Front Roof Vent and Rear Skylight, enhancing ventilation and natural light throughout the interior. These features help maintain a comfortable and airy environment, making the van feel more spacious and connected to the outdoors.

Custom Cabinetry with Bamboo Counters offers a sleek, modern look while providing ample storage space. Bamboo is a sustainable material that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing, perfect for withstanding the rigors of travel. The cabinetry is designed to maximize space and functionality, ensuring that all your belongings are organized and easily accessible.

One of the standout features of Midnight Run is the Composting Toilet, providing an eco-friendly and convenient sanitation solution. This toilet allows you to travel without worrying about finding restroom facilities, adding a significant level of independence to your adventures.

The Planar Expedition Plus Heating and Hot Water System is powered by gasoline, providing efficient heating for both the cabin and hot water. This system ensures you stay warm and comfortable in cold climates and have access to hot water for showers and cleaning.

Utility and Storage:

Midnight Run includes a Large Garage Area with a Pull-Out Bike Tray, offering ample space for storing bikes and other gear. This feature is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who need secure and convenient storage for their equipment. The garage area is finished with Coin Flooring, known for its durability and ease of maintenance.

The living area features Lonseal Flooring, which is both durable and easy to clean. This flooring is designed to withstand heavy use, making it perfect for the active adventurer.

The van also features a Custom Tilt-Up Bed, which provides a comfortable sleeping area that can be easily stowed away to create more living space during the day. This versatile design maximizes the use of space, ensuring you have both a comfortable place to sleep and ample room for daily activities.


Midnight Run is the epitome of a custom adventure van, offering a perfect blend of rugged capability and luxurious comfort. Built on the dependable Ford Transit 148 EXT AWD platform, it is designed to handle any terrain and weather condition with ease. From its advanced power systems to its elegantly designed interior, Midnight Run provides everything you need for a memorable and comfortable journey. Whether you’re embarking on a cross-country road trip or exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations, Midnight Run is your ultimate adventure companion.