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Custom 2023 Transit AWD Ford Van Conversion

This is a custom van conversion built on the Ford Transit platform, some of the features in Pinecone are listed below:

  • Custom built cabinetry
  • Planar Expedition heating system – hot water on demand – gasoline heater
  • Guzzle H20 water filtration system
  • 20 gallon fresh water tank – 7 gallon grey water with bypass valve
  • Cedar Ceiling with LED lighting
  • Custom aluminum bed panels – with tilt up option
  • Lonseal marine flooring
  • Built in air compressor
  • Rear bike spray and shower
  • Stoked Adventure Outfitter Yukon rack with Led light bar
  • Stoked Adventure Outfitter – Side ladder
  • Stoked Adventure Outfitter – Nerf bars
  • Van Compass 2 inch lift kit
  • Fiamma Awning
  • Rb Components storage bags

Embark on the journey of a lifetime with the custom 2023 Transit Pinecone conversion by Pura Vida Vans. Nestled atop the reliable Ford Transit platform, Pinecone beckons adventurers with its meticulously crafted design and array of premium features, each meticulously selected to enhance your van life experience.

At the heart of Pinecone lies a testament to craftsmanship: custom-built cabinetry that seamlessly merges form and function. Every detail, from the choice of materials to the precision of construction, reflects a dedication to excellence that sets Pura Vida Vans apart. With ample storage solutions and thoughtfully designed compartments, Pinecone empowers travelers to stay organized and make the most of their journey.

As the sun sets and temperatures drop, Pinecone envelops its occupants in warmth and comfort, courtesy of the Planar Expedition heating system. Offering hot water on demand and a gasoline heater for chilly nights, this heating system ensures that adventures can continue year-round, regardless of the weather. Whether you’re chasing powder in the mountains or seeking solace by the ocean, Pinecone keeps you cozy and content.

In a world where clean water is a precious commodity, Pinecone delivers peace of mind with the Guzzle H2O filtration system. Equipped with advanced filtration technology, this system ensures that every drop of water that flows from the faucet is pure and safe for consumption. Paired with a generous 20-gallon fresh water tank and a convenient 7-gallon grey water tank with bypass valve, Pinecone allows travelers to quench their thirst for adventure without compromise.

Step inside Pinecone, and you’ll be greeted by a sight that is as breathtaking as it is inviting: a cedar ceiling illuminated by energy-efficient LED lighting. The warm hues of the cedar wood complement the soft glow of the LED lights, creating an ambiance that is both soothing and rejuvenating. Whether you’re unwinding after a day of exploration or entertaining guests, the interior of Pinecone exudes an aura of relaxation and hospitality.

But the beauty of Pinecone lies not only in its aesthetics but also in its functionality. Take, for example, the custom aluminum bed panels, which offer a level of comfort and versatility that is unparalleled in the world of van life. With a tilt-up option for added convenience, these bed panels transform the interior of Pinecone into a cozy sanctuary where travelers can rest and recharge before the next adventure.

Underfoot, Lonseal marine flooring provides durability and style, standing up to the rigors of life on the road with ease. Whether you’re tracking sand from the beach or mud from the trail, this flooring ensures that Pinecone remains pristine and inviting, no matter where your travels take you.

But the features of Pinecone extend far beyond its interior comforts. Prepare for any adventure with a built-in air compressor, perfect for inflating tires or pumping up inflatable kayaks. And when it’s time to rinse off after a day of exploring, the rear bike spray and shower offer a convenient solution for staying fresh and clean on the go.

Outside, Pinecone is equipped to tackle even the most rugged terrain, thanks to the Stoked Adventure Outfitter Yukon rack, LED light bar, side ladder, and nerf bars. Whether you’re traversing rocky mountain passes or navigating winding forest trails, these accessories provide the versatility and durability needed to conquer any challenge that comes your way.

And with the Van Compass 2-inch lift kit, Pinecone is ready to tackle off-road adventures with confidence and ease. Designed to increase ground clearance and improve handling, this lift kit ensures that Pinecone remains stable and secure, no matter the terrain.

But perhaps one of the most cherished features of Pinecone is the Fiamma awning, which provides shade and shelter from the elements wherever your travels take you. Whether you’re picnicking in a scenic meadow or enjoying a sunset by the beach, this awning offers a respite from the sun and a place to gather with friends and loved ones.

And finally, to keep all your gear organized and accessible on the road, Pinecone comes equipped with RB Components storage bags. With compartments and pockets for everything from hiking boots to camp stoves, these storage bags ensure that everything you need for your next adventure is always within reach.

In conclusion, the custom 2023 Transit Pinecone conversion by Pura Vida Vans is more than just a van—it’s a gateway to adventure, a sanctuary on wheels, and a testament to the art of van life. With its premium features, meticulous craftsmanship, and unwavering dedication to quality, Pinecone invites travelers to explore the world with confidence, comfort, and style.