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Sea to Sky

Make and Model

Ford Transit

Wheel Base


Roof Height





Sea to Sky was build on a Ford Transit 148 Med platform.  Some of the features found in Sea to Sky include:

  • Custom cabinets / Bamboo counters
  • Lagun table leg
  • Led dimmable lighting
  • Garage LED lighting
  • Lithium battery pack and  Xantrex inverter
  • Bison gasoline heater
  • Chef sink with pull out faucet and 6 liter hot water tank
  • 15 gallon fresh water sink / bike spray / rear door shower
  • Water filtration system by Guzzle H2O
  • Fixed bed with large pull out drawer
  • Roof top vent
  • New Kona rack with led lighting and 2 x 90 watt  Zamp solar panels