Install – Repair Services

Building your own  camper van can be a very daunting task and sometimes you may just need a helping hand or advice.

Our experienced team at Pura Vida Vans are here to assist you, with services available from 3D renderings, to cabinetry, electrical system design and install, interior finishing, heater or AC installations, etc.

We have a designated install bay. We may need to have a look at your van or other project before we can provide a cost estimate as prices for services will vary depending on the type of project and the selected components and complexity of the work required.  Please contact us for booking your appointment.

Please note that our install services extend beyond vans – so if you are working on a camper, or trailer, etc. contact us as we maybe able to assist.
Installation Services

We recently added an install bay to our operation so that we can serve our clients need quicker for items such as the installation of, windows, skylights, vents, heating systems, etc.  Call us to book your appointment.

Conversion Services

Check out the details of each service to learn more about what we offer. Note that we don’t install client-supplied parts. We’re happy to source the components once we’ve determined what you need.

Design Consultation

If you’re still waiting for your van or just need some advice from someone besides Youtube, we can show you different design options we’ve used in our builds and provide some recommendations for your desired van lifestyle. Please contact our shop for more information.


Have an electrical short, a squeak or something else in your build that isn’t working quite the way it should? We can diagnose the issue and figure out a solution. We will definitely need to see your van for this.