Guzzle H20 Spigot Stealth


A lot of the great places for fun and adventure don’t have the most robust water supplies. Sometimes the water has sediment or turbidity, smells funny, or tastes strange. The Spigot  will turn this marginal drinking water into water you will enjoy drinking. And with LED UV-C purification, be sure that your water is safe to drink.


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  • Max Flow Rate 1.1 gallons (4L) / min
  • 116 Max PSI
  • LED UV-C purification unit is micro-biologically tested in accordance with US EPA drinking water guidelines to inactivate 99.99% of bacterial, protozoa, and viruses
  • 0.5 Micron Premium Carbon Block Filtration is highly effective at reducing particulate, chlorine taste and odor, and other contaminants
  • Carbon Block Filter capacity up to 3000 gallons per cartridge (Low cost replacement)
  • 10,000 hour LED UV-C lifespan
  • 3/4” GHFT water source connector
  • All components NSF certified, or of FDA approved materials
    Includes charger
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 5lbs 9oz
  • Assembled in USA